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The big sock overview: all about the different types and special features

Not all socks are the same - there are these types of socks

Ladies first: the women's socks

Women's socks for everyday use should be made of a composition of cotton, nylon and spandex. However, care should be taken that the natural fiber covers the largest part and that nylon and spandex only consist of a small percentage. The natural fiber ensures a high wearing comfort and is a very important quality criterion. Due to the proportion of synthetic fibers, the sock is more durable and abrasion-resistant. Nylon also ensures dimensional stability. The dainty and fine feet of every woman should be played around with the stockings and feel good on always at any time!

There is a huge selection of women specifically, in which you have to find your way around. On the one hand the ladies stockings must fit to the occasion and on the other hand still be comfortable and look beautiful. This means that not only the composition of the fabrics is considered, but also the design.

The absolute favourites in the ladies' world are the materials satin, silk and synthetic fibers. These look elegant for any occasion, as the fabric is effortless to handle. But cotton has also been able to score with its lightness so far. The properties of the materials should always be adapted to the season and the needs of the wearer.

Also, the fit and the cut are two very important factors, never buy socks too small! And don't forget: The pattern and colour of the stockings can make your foot appear narrower or larger depending on your taste. Depending on your mood, the optical length of your legs can also be influenced.

Socks & Stockings for men

Not only are men's socks more colourful than ever, they have also evolved. The classic is of course still the black cotton sock, which not only has the highest wearing comfort, but also looks most elegant. Especially for many businessmen this is the most popular piece. The higher the percentage of cotton, the higher the feel-good factor, but men's stockings should also contain synthetic fabrics such as Lycra or polyester. These materials provide more moisture permeability and increase the durability of the sock. As a cheap alternative to the cotton sock there is the sock made of viscose, but this is more sensitive and unfortunately also stores moisture.

Those who put a lot of strain on their stockings in everyday life should use the strongest wool fiber, namely merino wool. But virgin wool is also a robust yarn that regulates moisture and keeps your feet cosy and warm. Silk socks go perfectly with the evening suit, they look super noble. But beware, there is one disadvantage: They are very sensitive.

Men also appreciate not only high wearing comfort, but also, like women, patterns, colours and individual design. Because times have long since changed, men no longer want to wear only dark stockings, but also sometimes something colorful and perhaps even crazy patterns. Because men's stockings can make a statement and give the outfit something exceptional.

Business socks: elegantly wrapped feet for the office

Business socks, like all others, should be comfortable and of high quality. Particularly in fine suit shoes, fine meshes come into their own. Quality is also important, which is why you can gladly rely on handwork because these stockings usually have chain-linked sock toe, so that they last long. The sock toe is also pressure-free and much more elastic. The mixture of natural fiber and polyamide is always suitable and has the advantage that the business socks dry faster due to the polyamide. On colder days cashmere socks can be used, they keep warm and do not scratch. Expensive, but an investment that will pay off!

For women, fine stockings are best for the office, especially if you wear a jumpsuit or a fine suit. Also, skin coloured!

For the little ones: Children's socks

Children's socks are available in a wide variety of styles. For children there are socks for sliding between small socks, sneaker socks and knee socks. Fortunately, because there is always a danger of falling when playing and romping. However, this can be reduced by the sliding socks. The stockings should preferably consist of a high proportion of cotton, but should also contain a few percent of synthetic materials such as polyester or Lycra. After all, children should feel comfortable in their socks, especially when playing and having fun. Especially in the warm season the socks for the summer should be relatively thin to avoid a lot of sweat. When it comes to colours and patterns, it's always best for the little ones to have their say and choose their favourite socks themselves. Then it will be worn much better.

The sports socks are perfectly equipped for sport

Sports socks are a must for every athlete. Those who enjoy sports and do it weekly or even daily know what it's like to come home in sweaty clothes. You just feel uncomfortable and want to get out of your clothes right away. So that this is not the case with socks for sports, there is a high-tech material mix for athletes who pursue their passion every day that hardly lets their feet sweat. In addition, the sports stockings should protect your feet from blisters, bad hold, pressure pains and sweaty feet. For these reasons, most socks for sports have padding on the balls and heels to protect the foot from strain. The composition of the substances naturally plays a very important role here. Fabrics such as spandex, Lycra or spandex ensure a perfect fit, but they store a lot of fluid. Many manufacturers therefore try to use so-called wicking materials and produce elasticity using special knitting processes. Wicking materials are among others: polypropylene, or the simultaneously warming merino wool.

Functional socks: for all occasions

These socks are adapted to the occasion. For example, when you go hiking, hiking socks provide the best wearing comfort. They usually consist of a material made of cotton and man-made fibers. Doesn't it sound weird knowing chemistry on your feet when you're active? No, not at all. Your feet don't sweat with functional socks. This is ideal if you are sporty and active on your feet all day long. Functional socks usually reach over the ankle, are padded and let you relax all day long. The comfort of wearing this type of sock is excellent. Your feet breathe, sweat is immediately absorbed.

Tennis socks: back to the 80ies

This pair of socks, which was worn more than cool for every occasion in the 80s, is not only convincing for tennis. The white sports socks have long been experiencing their revival. A proportion of spandex in the cotton and polyester mix ensures that your leg is not constricted. In addition, these socks, which are particularly popular when playing tennis, should not slip. Exactly for this reason the proportion of spandex ensures the best dimensional stability. Tennis socks are usually white or black and are particularly practical for sports. The composition of the material has a particularly regulating effect under extreme climatic conditions. She hesitates with it sweaty feet as long as possible out.

Running socks: comfortably padded

What distinguishes these sports socks? The Running-Socks enjoy by integrated upholstery. Well padded so your feet are protected during jogging. Good running socks also protect your ankles, soles and toes. It is precisely these parts of your foot that are most strained when running. Do you want to leave painful abrasions and bruises to one side? Then cover yourself up with good running shoes and matching socks. While many people believe that the right shoes are the most important thing in sports, we recommend that you only put the right socks on your skin.

Sneaker socks: not only for sports

Summer's coming? You love to show leg and be trendy travelling? Long live the sneaker. These fashionable sneakers require you to wear the specially designed socks with them. With the sneaker sock that just covers the foot and reaches to the ankle, you're perfectly dressed. So you show your ankles and legs stylishly when you're running your athletic sneakers. Sneaker socks are especially ideal for trousers that do not reach all the way to the ankle.

Nice and cuddly and warm: wool socks

Wool socks occur in many types. For example, you can wear the fine cotton socks in winter and also in summer. Wool socks made of virgin wool or merino wool are intended for the cold winter days, as they give your feet a lot of warmth. The new wool can regulate the humidity super. The luxury version are the cashmere socks, which consist of the luxury wool of the cashmere goat. They do not scratch and give off a chubby warmth. Warmth without sweating is the most important thing with such winter socks.

Knee highs: ideal for the winter

All knee socks are very popular in winter. They reach up to the knee and protect against cold on the leg. Men specifically love knee socks when wind and cold come in. Finally, this stocking replaces to wear a cumbersome, long underpants in cold weather. Good stockings that reach up to the knee warm ideally. They also prevent the man from showing his leg in a sitting position. This is also described in point 1. We like men who dress fashionably and stylishly. With the dark knee sock you can do almost nothing wrong with leg fashion. You're a lady who freezes and won't wear tights under jeans? Then how does perfectly this long sock fit you? The knee sock belongs in every wardrobe. 

Synthetic fiber socks

A problem that many people like to have been the so-called sweaty feet. Of course nobody likes to suffer from it and that's exactly why you should do without this material to prevent sweaty feet: the synthetic materials. With this mixture of materials your feet sweat a lot faster. Although sweat is human and quite normal, it should not be supported by these substances. You should bet on natural fibers, these are less susceptible to it. However, you can also try blends containing natural fibers and polyester.

The short sock: comfortable and trendy

The advantage of the short sock is that it does not constrict your leg. The short sock just covers your feet and ankles. You can wear this sock perfectly with sneakers or light shoes. You don't get confined. Short socks do not strain. Your foot is covered - the calf is free. This ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. Especially in summer many people like to wear this kind of socks.

Boots: undercover on the way

For all who want to hide their sock splendor. These special socks are considered practical mini socks that are invisible. They reach at most to the base of the toes and end directly at your heel. Why should foot socks be worn as women's socks or men's socks? Basic: Not in all ballerina shoes or light low shoes does it look stylish when the sock appears visible. Nevertheless, many people suffer from blisters and pressure points when they are wearing summer shoes without any socks at all. Footlets are the ingenious invention for healthy wearing fun, especially in summer. Which woman doesn't appreciate this comfort when she cycles fashionably and easily to a summer excursion? 

Socks without seam

Why should we humans wear socks without seams? Beaded seams can make even the most beautiful socks unwearable. Socks without a constricting seam have no load factors in the peak area. Do you want the toenails at the base of the toenails not to be sutured? Your toes should enjoy untroubled freedom of movement. Knots or bulging seams often prevent this effect. Bruised toes hurt. Socks without seams help against this.

The sock overview: everything at a glance

You see how important it is to find exactly the right socks for the right occasion. The knee sock finds its justification just like many sporty socks. Fashionable socks should be worn as often as socks to feel comfortable with. Anything that you like and provides the best wearing comfort is allowed.

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